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Performance - FPS - issues

Message#1 » mer. janv. 03, 2018 5:51 am


I’ve been having a blast with this game, but have notices that there’s som serious optimisation-issues. It’s kind of like ARK was in it’s early alpha state.
At first I blamed this on my shoddy laptop that barely exceeds the minimum requirements, but when i tried it on my house server, with plenty of hardware to spare, i meet the exact same issues. I’ve even ran a test with my laptop and my gaming-stationary simultaneously. Doing the excact same thing, at the same time on both, running on different instances of the game.

What i notice is this :

the game runs completely fine regardlessly of how many tasks, enitites you have or your zoom level. Also regardlessly of your graphics setting. This runs good until the game has saved up a number of completed tasks. I’ve calculated this to be about 2000 tasks before it really puts a strain on it self.
A save/reload don’t fix the issue, but a save and complete shutdown of your computer will. When reloading even the largest airports it runs like a charm until a number of tasks is completed, again it’s in the works of around 2000.
Please help.

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